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"Pure by NMR"?
Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Davies, Stephen G.; Polywka, Mario E. C.; Roberts, Paul M.; Russell, Angela J.; Savory, Edward D.; Smith, Andrew D.
Organic Letters (2008), 10(23), 5433-5436.

A Two-Directional Approach to Enantiopure 1,4-Difluoro-cyclohexenes: Synthesis of Difluorinated Cyclitol Analogs
Purser, Sophie; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Odell, Barbara; Moore, Peter R.; Gouverneur, Veronique
Organic Letters (2008), 10(19), 4263-4266.

Ammonium-directed dihydroxylation of 3-aminocyclohex-1-enes: development of a metal-free dihydroxylation protocol
Aciro, Caroline; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Davies, Stephen G.; Roberts, Paul M.; Russell, Angela J.; Thomson, James E.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2008), 6(20), 3751-3761.

Amylose-wrapped luminescent conjugated polymers
Frampton, Michael J.; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Latini, Gianluca; Brovelli, Sergio; Cacialli, Franco; Anderson, Harry L.
Chemical Communications (2008), (24), 2797-2799.

From disulfide- to thioether-linked glycoproteins
Bernardes, Goncalo J. L.; Grayson, Elizabeth J.; Thompson, Sam; Chalker, Justin M.; Errey, James C.; ElOualid, Farid; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Davis, Benjamin G.
Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2008), 47(12), 2244-2247.

Highly (E)-Selective Wadsworth-Emmons Reactions Promoted by Methylmagnesium Bromide
Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Davies, Stephen G.; Lee, James A.; Nicholson, Rebecca L.; Roberts, Paul M.; Russell, Angela J.; Smith, Andrew D.; Toms, Steven M.
Organic Letters (2008), 10(23), 5437-5440.

Oxetane amino acids: synthesis of tetrameric and hexameric carbopeptoids derived from L-ribo-4-(aminomethyl)-oxetan-2-carboxylic acid
Lopez-Ortega, Beatrice; Jenkinson, Sarah F.; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Fleet, George W. J.
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry (2008), 19(8), 976-983.

Secondary structural investigations into homo-oligomers of δ-2,4-cis oxetane amino acids
Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Lopez-Ortega, Beatrice; Jenkinson, Sarah F.; Fleet, George W. J.
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry (2008), 19(8), 984-988.

Self-assembly of Ligands Designed for the Building of a New Type of [2 × 2] Metallic Grid. Anion Encapsulation and Diffusion NMR Spectroscopy
Manzano, Blanca R.; Jalon, Felix A.; Ortiz, Isabel M.; Soriano, M. Laura; Gomez de la Torre, Felipe; Elguero, Jose; Maestro, Miguel A.; Mereiter, Kurt; Claridge, Tim D. W.
Inorganic Chemistry (2008), 47(2), 413-428.

Stereospecific anti SE2' fluorination of allenylsilanes: synthesis of enantioenriched propargylic fluorides
Carroll, Laurence; McCullough, Samantha; Rees, Tom; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Gouverneur, Veronique
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2008), 6(10), 1731-1733.

Swarm formation in the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria: isolation and NMR analysis of the primary maternal gregarizing agent
Miller, Gabriel A.; Islam, M. Saiful; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Dodgson, Tim; Simpson, Stephen J.
Journal of Experimental Biology (2008), 211(3), 370-376.

Synthesis and conformational analysis of cyclic analogs of inverse γ-turns
Kaewpet, Morakot; Odell, Barbara; King, Michael A.; Banerji, Biswadip; Schofield, Christopher J.; Claridge, Timothy D. W.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2008), 6(19), 3476-3485.

Thioester hydrolysis and C-C bond formation by carboxymethylproline synthase from the crotonase superfamily
Batchelar, Edward T.; Hamed, Refaat B.; Ducho, Christian; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Edelmann, Mariola J.; Kessler, Benedikt; Schofield, Christopher J.
Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2008), 47(48), 9322-9325.

Biomimetic Synthesis of Pyrone-Derived Natural Products: Exploring Chemical Pathways from a Unique Polyketide Precursor
Eade, Serena J.; Walter, Magnus W.; Byrne, Colin; Odell, Barbara; Rodriguez, Raphael; Baldwin, Jack E.; Adlington, Robert M.; Moses, John E.
Journal of Organic Chemistry (2008), 73(13), 4830-4839.

Anion induced and inhibited circumrotation of a [2]catenane
Ng, Ka-Yuen; Felix, Vitor; Santos, Sergio M.; Rees, Nicholas H.; Beer, Paul D.
Chemical Communications (2008), (11), 1281-1283.

Discrimination of chiral guests by chiral channels: variable temperature studies by SXRD and solid state 13C NMR of the deoxycholic acid complexes of camphorquinone and endo-3-bromocamphor
Tahir, Mohamed I. M.; Rees, Nicholas H.; Heyes, Stephen J.; Cowley, Andrew R.; Prout, Keith
Chirality (2008), 20(7), 863-870.

Imido titanium compounds bearing the 6-dimethylamino-1,4,6-trimethyl-1,4-diazacycloheptane ligand: synthesis, structures, solution dynamics and ethylene polymerisation capability
Hayday, Gregory J.; Wang, Chao; Rees, Nicholas H.; Mountford, Philip
Dalton Transactions (2008), (25), 3301-3310.

Non-innocent behaviour of imido ligands in the reactions of silanes with half-sandwich imido complexes of Nb and V: a silane/imido coupling route to compounds with nonclassical Si--H interactions
Ignatov Stanislav K; Rees Nicholas H; Merkoulov Alexei A; Dubberley Stuart R; Razuvaev Alexei G; Mountford Philip; Nikonov Georgii I
Chemistry (2008), 14(1), 296-310.

Preparation of Sr7Mn4O13F2 by the topotactic reduction and subsequent fluorination of Sr7Mn4O15
Saratovsky Ian; Lockett Michelle A; Rees Nicholas H; Hayward Michael A
Inorganic chemistry (2008), 47(12), 5212-7.

Silyl Hydrides of Tantalum Supported by Cyclopentadienyl-imido Ligand Sets: Syntheses, X-ray, NMR, and DFT Studies
Ignatov, Stanislav K.; Rees, Nicholas H.; Merkoulov, Alexei A.; Dubberley, Stuart R.; Razuvaev, Alexei G.; Mountford, Philip; Nikonov, Georgii I.
Organometallics (2008), 27(22), 5968-5977.