NMR Facility

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Structural and Mechanistic Studies on g-Butyrobetaine Hydroxylase
Ivanhoe K.H. Leung, Tobias J. Krojer, Grazyna T. Kochan , Luc Henry, Frank von Delft, Timothy D. W. Claridge, Udo Oppermann, Michael A. McDonough, and Christopher J. Schofield.
Chemistry & Biology, (2010), 17, 1316-1324

Unusual Inverse Temperature Dependence on Reaction Rate in the Asymmetric Autocatalytic Alkylation of Pyrimidyl Aldehydes
Michela Quaranta, Timo Gehring, Barbara Odell, John M. Brown, and Donna G. Blackmond,
J. Am. Chem. Soc., (2010), 132, 15104-15107

Studies on the reaction of glutathione and formaldehyde using NMR
Hopkinson, Richard J., Barlow, Pippa S.; Schofield, Christopher. J.; Claridge, Timothy D. W.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, (2010), 8(21), 4915-4920.

A systematic study of the solid state and solution phase conformational preferences of β-peptides derived from transpentacin
Abraham, Elin; Bailey, Callum W.; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Davies, Stephen G.; Ling, Kenneth B.; Odell, Barbara; Rees, Thomas L.; Roberts, Paul M.; Russell, Angela J.; Smith, Andrew D.; et al
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry (2010), 21(13-14), 1797-1815.

Carboxymethylproline synthase catalyzed syntheses of functionalized N-heterocycles
Hamed, Refaat B.; Mecinovic, Jasmin; Ducho, Christian; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Schofield, Christopher J.
Chemical Communications  (2010), 46(9), 1413-1415.

Group epitope mapping considering relaxation of the ligand (GEM-CRL): Including longitudinal relaxation rates in the analysis of saturation transfer difference (STD) experiments
Kemper, Sebastian; Patel, Mitul K.; Errey, James C.; Davis, Benjamin G.; Jones, Jonathan A.; Claridge, Timothy D. W.
Journal of Magnetic Resonance (2010), 203(1), 1-10.

Monitoring the Activity of 2-Oxoglutarate Dependent Histone Demethylases by NMR Spectroscopy: Direct Observation of Formaldehyde
Hopkinson, Richard J.; Hamed, Refaat B.; Rose, Nathan R.; Claridge, Timothy D. W.; Schofield, Christopher J.
ChemBioChem (2010), 11(4), 506-510.

Structure and reactivity of bicyclic methylene aziridines prepared by intramolecular aziridination of allenes
Robertson, Jeremy; Feast, George C.; White, Louise V.; Steadman, Victoria A.; Claridge, Timothy D. W.
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2010), 8(13), 3060-3063.

Using NMR Solvent Water Relaxation to Investigate Metalloenzyme-Ligand Binding Interactions
Leung, Ivanhoe K. H.; Flashman, Emily; Yeoh, Kar Kheng; Schofield, Christopher J.; Claridge, Timothy D. W.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2010), 53(2), 867-875.

Claridge, Timothy D. W.,  in Multidimensional NMR Methods for the Solution State, (Chapter 16), Eds. G. A. Morris and J. W. Emsley, (Wiley).

The intercalation of bicyclic and tricyclic carboxylates into layered double hydroxides
Khan, Aamir I.; Williams, Gareth R.; Hu, Gang; Rees, Nicholas H.; O'Hare, Dermot
Journal of Solid State Chemistry, (2010), 183, 2877-2885

Sr3Co2O4.33H0.84: An Extended Transition Metal Oxide-Hydride 
Helps, Rebecca M.; Rees, Nicholas H.; Hayward, Michael A
Inorganic Chemistry, (2010), 49, 11062-11068

A cytochrome P450 class I electron transfer system from Novosphingobium aromaticivorans
Bell Stephen G; Dale Alison; Rees Nicholas H; Wong Luet-Lok
Applied microbiology and biotechnology, (2010), 86, 163-75.

Reactivity of the Latent 12-Electron Fragment [Rh(PiBu3)2]+ with Aryl Bromides: Aryl-Br and Phosphine Ligand C-H Activation
Townsend, Nell S.; Chaplin, Adrian B.; Abu Naser, M.; Thompson, Amber L.; Rees, Nicholas H.; MacGregor, Stuart A.; Weller, Andrew S.
Chemistry--A European Journal (2010), 16(28), 8376-8389.

Reactivity studies of group 15 Zintl ions towards homoleptic post-transition metal organometallics: a bottom-up' approach to bimetallic molecular clusters
Knapp, Caroline; Zhou, Binbin; Denning, Mark S.; Rees, Nicholas H.; Goicoechea, Jose M.
Dalton Transactions, (2010), 39, 426-436.