NMR Facility



Bruker AVII 500 with 13C cryoprobe

CRL high-field NMR lab. 00.086

This is a two-channel instrument running TOPSPIN 3 equipped with a dedicated 5mm 13C(1H) dual cryoprobe optimised for 13C detection. This provides a six-fold sensitivity gain for both 13C and 1H observation relative to a conventional 13C observe probe (according to our in-house tests). This allows us to handle more dilute samples or offers in excess of a 30-fold reduction in data acquisition time.

The instrument is used by NMR Facility staff only, as part of the submission service.

This instrument is nicknamed the AVC500 (AV with Cryoprobe)  although the formal model name is an AVII 500 and should be listed as such in any publication.