NMR Facility

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford




Barbara retired from the post of NMR Service Manager for Organic Chemistry in March 2017.

She will be replaced in July 2017.





Please also refer to the NMR submission service page.

The NMR Service is offered to all organic NMR users and is available for more specialised experiments involving higher resolution and more advanced experiments which are not possible on the open access instruments and as such requires high purity samples. The service with is run in two parts; 1)  Routine 1-D and 2-D experiments  are mostly  performed on the AVC500 equipped with cryoprobe  which is the spectrometer of choice for low mass samples and which gives excellent results for all  13C – based  1-D and 2-D experiments, 2) Non-routine NMR problems can be further investigated with NMR experts may involve experiments on specialised non-open access spectrometers such as the AVB500, AVX500, AV700 (cryoprobe) or the AVB600 (prodigy, for biomedical applications). Although ‘hand-on’ NMR experiments and training is encouraged and offered to NMR-users on these instruments, it is a special feature of the NMR laboratory at Oxford that the experts are often involved at the research end of projects so that optimum use is made of instrument time and that the most relevant experiments are applied to the solve the problems efficiently.