NMR Facility

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

The department also offers an external high-resolution (solution-state) NMR service for the chemical industry. Solid-state NMR can also be provided by special request.

During on-going COVID restrictions we may be unable to provide significant commercial services.

The full range of solution NMR experiments are offered at operating frequencies of 500 MHz, including routine 1- and 2D proton and carbon experiments, a high-field heteronuclear service and more advanced techniques. All instruments are equipped with pulsed field gradient facilities. Advice on experiment selection and data interpretation is also available.

Prices are charged per sample according to the instrument used and the amount of instrument time required, in addition to a sample preparation charge (if applicable). The minimum charge includes operator time in setting up the experiment and processing of the data. This applies typically to routine proton spectra, but would be equally applicable to 2D correlation spectra and 1D heteronuclear spectra of strong samples. Routine experiments needing extended data collection periods (> 30 mins) or long-running advanced NMR techniques are charged at an hourly rate. Deuterated solvents are charged at cost price or may be supplied by the customer.

Data interpretation and written reports can be supplied on request, all such work being charged at £150 per hour of the analyst's time (£50 minimum charge).

Instrument charges

Sample preparation : £10 per sample

 500 MHz Minimum Charge per Sample 1D:


  Minimum Charge per Sample 2D:


  Hourly Charge:


The acquisition of a 1D spectrum is a prerequisite for the collection of 2D data.
 Anyone interested in using this facility should contact Prof. Tim Claridge for further information (01865-275658).