NMR Facility

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

NMR data from all NMR Spectrometers in the laboratory can be downloaded over the network to any computer within the department for storage and off-line processing (see notes on software installation). All data must be taken from the central data server and cannot be taken from individual spectrometers over the network.

Download over the Chemistry PC network

Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple Macs can download NMR data via the local network file sharing facility. This method may also be used to retrieve the PDF output files from the open-access 200 & 400 MHz spectrometers; these files can be found in the ...\pdata\1\ folder stored within each data set experiment number.

Data may be retrieved from the central NMR data server (chem.ox.ac.uk\SRF\NMR) and access is only allowed using Chemistry Domain research group accounts (of the form xyzgroup for example; Note-this is not the same username/password as used on the open-access NMR spectrometers!). Data files are read only on the server. The access procedure varies according to how you are logged on to your computer.

1) Windows PCs

A) When already logged into the CHEM domain

If you log into the CHEM domain with a group account when you enter Windows (for example, on group owned computers) you can directly enter the appropriate data folder link:


into a Windows Explorer Address bar to access the spectrometer data folders then copy & paste or drag & drop to obtain your spectra.

B) When not logged into the CHEM domain

If you do not use a domain login account on your PC (this is often the case with personal laptops) you should follow the process above and will be prompted to enter an appropriate user name. You must define the Chemistry domain login as CHEM\xyzgroup and provide the corresponding password to gain access to the server. If you are outside of the Chemistry domain you must be connected via VPN before attempting to access the server.

 2) Apple Macs  

Access from mac computers can be made using the following network share address followed by logging in with the group chemistry domain account and password:



Automation history: The spectrometer history lists require password access; see the NMR staff. It is also possible to download PDFs of spectra from these pages.