NMR Facility

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

The links below should help address some of the common questions asked of the NMR facility.

What colour NMR cap should I be using?

How do I get to my NMR data?

What NMR processing software is available to use?

How do I book spectrometer time for hands-on use?
You will need to know your group login and password for the on-line booking system.

How do I submit a sample to the NMR service?
Please read the notes on using the submission service before using the on-line submission facility.

Who can I speak to about an NMR problem?

Who should I speak to about training on the NMR spectrometers?

  • For training on the open-access Organic/Biological instruments contact Maria Marshall
  • For introductory training on the hands-on Organic/Biological instruments (400 MHz initially) contact Tina Jackson
  • For training on the high-field Organic/Biological instruments (500, 600 or 700 MHz) contact Tim Claridge or  Nader Amin
  • For all training on the Inorganic Chemistry instruments contact Nick Rees