NMR Facility

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

The links below provide access to a collection of handouts designed to assist users in understanding NMR, with instrument operation or data processing.

No guarantee is given as to the accuracy of information within these handouts if used with instruments other than those in this laboratory.

 Introducing NMR techniques
  • NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry: a quick guide (PDF file)
  • A User Guide to Modern NMR Experiments (PDF file)
 Open access facilities and the NMR service
  • Open-access NMR spectrometers (PDF file)
  • The high field spectrometers and the NMR service (PDF file)
 Spectrometer operation
 Data  processing
  • Basic processing techniques (PDF file)
  • Introduction to MestreNova (NMR tutorial lecture) (PDF file)
  • Introduction to the TOPSPIN program (1D) (PDF file)
  • 2D Acquisition and Processing with TOPSPIN (PDF file)
  • Plotting NMR spectra with TOPSPIN-PLOT (PDF file)