NMR Facility

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

In addition to the open-access automated instruments that provide routine access to standard experiments, it is possible for researchers to become trained to operate instruments manually, in so-called "hands-on" mode. This provides for greater flexibility in experiment set-up and run times, and provides a greater understanding of how NMR spectrometers operate. Examples where use of the bookable instruments can be necessary include working with sample temperatures away from ambient, with unstable or more dilute samples, when more advanced techniques are required or where reaction kinetics are to be followed.

Anyone wishing to use these facilities must be trained by a member of the NMR staff in the first instance. With the exception of one multinuclear 400 MHz system on the second floor of the CRL (used by inorganic chemistry), all bookable instruments are housed in the high-field basement NMR laboratory of the CRL. These range in field from 400 to 700 MHz and have wide-ranging capability between them; see our Instrumentation pages for more details.