NMR Facility

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford
The research laboratory currently houses 15 Bruker FT NMR instruments (13 solution, 2 solids) with 1H operating frequencies between 700 and 200 MHz offering a wide range of capabilities. These include cryogenic probes, multinuclear probes, variable temperature NMR, solid-state NMR, high-power diffusion NMR and micro-imaging.

The following table provides a summary of the locations of all NMR spectrometers housed in the CRL.

We also have a Bruker AVIIIHD 400 MHz system housed in the Chemistry Teaching Laboratory (CTL) with limited availability for research support.

The instrument links to the left provide brief details on the capabilities of the various instruments.


NMR Instrumentation








 Two Bruker AVIIIHD 400 nanobays (Hg400 and venus400)



 Bruker DPX200 and AVIIIHD 400 nanobay (AVF400)



 Two Bruker AVIIIHD 400 nanobays (AVG400 and AVH400)
 Lower ground



 No NMR instruments on this floor


(High-field NMR Lab.)


NEO 400 nanobay (AVB400)

AVIIIHD 500 (AVX500)

AVIIIHD 500 (AVB500)

AVII 500 with He cryoprobe (AVC500)

AVIIIHD 500 (AVD500)

AVIIIHD 600 with N2 cryoprobe,

AVIII 700 with He cryoprobe

AVIIIHD 400 (solids)

AVIIIHD 400 (solids, diffusion  & micro-imaging)


Instrument list by field strength

700 MHz

Bruker AVIII 700 with 1H/13C/15N TCI cryoprobe (AV700)

600 MHz

Bruker AVIIIHD 600 with Prodigy broadband cryoprobe (AV600)

500 MHz

Bruker AVII 500 with 13C cryoprobe (aka AVC500)

Bruker AVIIIHD 500 (aka AVB500)

Bruker AVIIIHD 500 (aka AVX500) 

Bruker AVIIIHD 500 (aka AVD500)

400 MHz

Bruker AVIIIHD 400 nanobay (aka AVH400)

Bruker AVIIIHD 400 nanobay (aka AVG400)

Bruker AVIIIHD 400 nanobay (aka AVF400)

Bruker NEO 400 nanobay (aka AVB400)

Bruker AVIIIHD 400 nanobay (aka Hg400)

Bruker AVIIIHD 400 nanobay (aka venus400)

200 MHz

Bruker DPX200

Solid-state NMR

Bruker AVIII 400 (solids)

Bruker AVIII 400 (solids, diffusion and micro-imaging)

Teaching Laboratory NMR 

Bruker AVIIIHD 400 nanobay (housed in Chemistry Teaching Laboratory analytical suite)