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Mnova Software for Data Processing

The Chemistry department has a site licence for the Mnova Suite of packages from MestreLabs, which includes tools for the processing and analysis of 1D and 2D NMR spectra and MS, GC-MS and LC-MS data. We also have additional licences for two further plugins for NMR Quantification and for Reaction Monitoring which can be installed optionally in addition to the main Mnova suite (enquire with the NMR staff if you wish to use these).

NOTE: Our licence has now been renewed for 2020 allowing full use of the latest Mnova versions.

Training Lecture/Demonstration:
Introduction to the Mnova NMR Suite:

Download presentation slides
The course will describe how install the software and will cover the following topics:
•Overview of Mnova
•Opening and processing 1D and 2D NMR data
•Peak picking and integration
•Multiplet Analysis for 1D H-1 NMR
•Reporting analysis results
•Assigning 1D and 2D peaks to a structure
•Stacking and superimposing spectra
•Predicting spectra from a structure
•What else can be done…

Key features

Some specific features of the Mnova software that make it attractive for use in the academic environment include:

  • Platform independence: The software will run in native forms on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
  • Flexible licence: The software uses a floating licence model that runs from a single Chemistry server. Once activated, the licence will remain valid for a continuous period of 90 days without the need to connect to the server or the university network. This is clearly ideal for working away from the laboratory.
  • Familiar look and intuitive interface:  The software has a similar appearance to Powerpoint, with separate spectra for a sample appearing as individual pages (slides) within one document.
  • Data reporting and output: the software uses a WYSIWYG user interface and it is a simple process to extract information and copy spectra for reporting purposes.

Download the Getting Started guide and see our software installation pages for details on installing the software on your computer.

You may also download a useful guide to keyboard shortcuts for the program.