NMR Facility

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford


Nader AminFollowing a PhD in biomolecular NMR spectroscopy, I spent three years in the pharmaceutical industry, focussing on the use of NMR in protein-ligand binding and drug screening, as well as helping to run an NMR service for medicinal chemists. I subsequently moved to Oxford for a post-doctoral position in the Department of Biochemistry, where my research involved studying membrane protein structure and ligand binding by NMR. After completing my post-doc, I moved to the Department of Population Health to manage a NMR metabolomics laboratory, before joining the Department of Chemistry in July 2017 as NMR Submission Service Manager.


I am responsible for the provision and daily management of the NMR Submission Service in the Department of Chemistry.  This includes running routine 1- and 2-D experiments, as well as liaising with service users to design and implement more specialised experiments according to their requirements. I am also available to provide assistance and advice in the analysis of NMR data and the use of NMR data processing software.