NMR Facility

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

The NMR facility provides access to its instrumentation through three different routes, classified as:

Open-access: Instruments available for walk-up use at any time of the day. These provide common 1D and 2D fast turn-around experiments under automation for routine structure characterisation.

Submission Service: Samples may be submitted to the facility staff for the collection of NMR data, and in some cases for its interpretation also. These samples would typically be limited in quantity, require more advanced NMR analysis or non-standard conditions (such as high- or low-temperature). Download the NMR Submission Form for groups in the Chemistry Department or for other University Departments.

Bookable: Instruments can be reserved through an on-line booking system and used in "hands-on" mode for manual or automated operation. The booking system requires SSO login and you must be a registered user for access to this.

Users must be trained by a member of the NMR staff before using any of these facilities. Further information may be found from the links on the left.