NMR Facility


NMR Facility Staff

The NMR facility is operated by five members of staff whose roles are explained below. You may contact any staff member if you have questions relating to the facility use and operations, or alternatively you can mail all staff using the group email: nmrstaff@maillist.chem.ox.ac.uk

Prof Tim Claridge

  Professor of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

  NMR Facility Director for Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

  Tel (2)75658



Responsible for the management and operation of the Facility.

Dr Nick Rees

 NMR Facility Manager for Inorganic Chemistry

  Tel (2)85064




Responsible for the operation of the inorganic and solid-state instrumentation.

Dr Nader Amin

 NMR Submission Service Manager for Organic Chemistry/Chemical Biology

Tel (2)75620



Responsible for the operation of NMR Submission Service and user training.

Miss Tina Jackson

NMR Service Technician

Tel (2)75661


Assists with the provision of the NMR Submission Service, provides user training and technical laboratory support.

Mrs Maria Marshall


NMR Support Technician
(Part time)

Tel (2)85016


Responsible for the operation of the Open-Access NMR laboratories, for open-access user training and for NMR data/software management.